The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tokyo in collaboration with ASEAN-JAPAN Centre Tokyo and Trip Advisors Indonesia proudly present the PAPUA WEEK: “To the Heart of the Bird of Paradise Land”. Papua Week will be held at ASEAN Japan Center Hall, from 11 – 14 June 2015.

Papua is an island on the eastern part of Indonesia and known as the largest province in Indonesia. The provincial capital of Papua is Jayawijaya. There are around 250 ethnic groups including Dani Tribe which all of them still maintain their customs and traditions.

PAPUA WEEK will consist days of rare opportunity to learn and enjoy the diversity and beauty of the Papua island on the eastern part of Indonesia. It is a “Papua” through Evi Aryati Arbay’s ethno-photography, depicting the lives and cultural wisdom of the indigenous Dani “The Highlander” Tribe from the Baliem Valley, Jayawijaya region. The photographs are the testaments of Arbay’s passion for Papua. 

As the first exhibition overseas, “PAPUA WEEK” in Tokyo will offer a closer understanding of their tribal way of life through rituals, music, Baliem Valley Cultural Festival, costumes, beliefs, and art. PAPUA WEEK will also introduce the natural diversity and breathtaking destinations of both Jayawijaya region and Biak Islands. Where Baliem Valley in Jayawijaya region is world known as the Indonesia’s “Shangri-La”, Biak Islands are well-known for its famous pristine white sand and crystal clear water teeming with marine life, a natural library for bird lovers and a heaven for adventure and outdoor sport.

While enjoying the artworks and artist talk, Papua Fashion with designer Merdi Sihombing and Kanon Models will present the tribal uniqueness of Papua in a cosmopolitan style.